"The Beat of Namibia"

Namibia is a country of vast contrasts - like the ocean meets the desert. It's where only 2.6 million people from 13 different cultures live peacefully together. Namibians are fiercely proud and patriotic. While most African countries see it as just another public holiday, Independence Day in Namibia is truly honoured and celebrated by everyone. Inherently part of Namibian culture, Tafel Lager is the most loved local beer brand that prides itself in their brand sentiment. There's more that connects us than divides us. Tafel Lager wanted to harness this patriotic pride of Namibians and be part of the conversation. The question they had to ask themselves - "How can the most loved local beer brand bring Namibians together?"


We went to the one thing that every Namibian has in their pocket. To enter, consumers had to SMS "Tafel" to 77700. They then received a link to the Tafel lager WhatsApp line, giving them the opportunity to help create The Beat of Namibia by sending their beats, their moves, and their tunes. The plan was to have one of the most celebrated local music producers create The Beat of Namibia from all then entries, but as soon as the campaign launched 8 Namibian artists from across different music genres contacted the team requesting to be part of the beat made by the whole country. The response and engagement were astounding. Every Namibian who engaged with the campaign woke up with a surprise from Tafel Lager - The Beat of Namibia.