"Discover the PULSE"

Wernhil, Windhoek’s first and busiest mall, recently opened their Phase 4 development. 


We were briefed to:

Change the narrative and perception of Wernhil.

Make Wernhil top of mind and relevant to consumers.

Communicate a “better shopping experience”.

Attract and engage new consumers in a meaningful way while retaining current consumers.

We needed to create a concept that is inviting and positions Wernhil as more than just a shopping mall.



Discover a prime location that radiates energy. A place that encapsulates the motion, where the rhythm of the pulse ripples from the centre of Windhoek. A place where everyone comes together.


Discover the pulse.

Wernhil Discover moments.jpg
Wernhil Discover The Wow.jpg
Wernhil Discover Variety.jpg
Wernhil discover delight.jpg
Wernhil discover the wow.jpg
Wernhil discover Convenience.jpg
Wernhil discover care.jpg
Wernhil discover the wow.jpg
Wernhil discover the wow.jpg