You are the definition of fun-loving. 

Congratulations! Your singing sounds as beautiful as that of a yellow canary.

Welcome to the sunny side of life, where advertising is about fun and we take fun seriously. At Weathermen & Co, our business is creating engaging marketing content that leaves a lasting memory with our audience.

We’ll brainstorm ideas and strive to make it rain for you. No need to bring an umbrella because, with us, you’ll probably be dancing in the rewarding outpour.

Through music:

Tafel Lager

"The beat of Namibia"

Through engaging media:

Wernhil Brand Relaunch

"Discover The WOW"

Through activations:

Nammilk Oshikandela

"More than enough"

Through national pride:

Tafel Lager

"We Are Namibia"

When your brand resonates, it becomes part of the consumers' lives and conversations - winning their hearts and minds, which translates into brand loyalty.


All of our campaigns are driven with strategy and research leading to creativity that resonates with consumers.

This is what we can do for your brand:


social media.png


We measure everything; except rainfall. Words like analytics, optimisation, metrics and other tech words run wild over here.

web design.png


Standing out is easy, all it takes is good design. Let's give your project the razzle-dazzle it deserves.



We believe that everything a brand puts onto the social should serve a purpose.

We are in the future of building exceptional brands and effectively connecting them to the consumer. 


You can call us the ultimate rainmakers.